Sports Injuries

Sports Chiropractic is a rapidly advancing field thanks to a wealth of research showing improved reaction time as well as healing from sports traumas with Chiropractic care.  Some of the greatest athletes of all time in major professional sports leagues credit Chiropractic as being instrumental in extending their careers and helping them to excel in their given sport.  As a result, many professional sports teams, college sports teams, and even high schools now employ or make a Doctor of Chiropractic available to their players as part of not only injury recovery but their training regimens as well.  

In a world where milliseconds of reaction time can mean the difference between a mild ankle sprain and a severe injury, proper communication from brain to muscle is imperative.  It is common for patients under Chiropractic Care to report setting personal records in their activities.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I am writing to say thank you.  After three trips to the emergency room and numerous visits to the doctor’s office with no results, we brought our daughter to you for treatment.  My husband and I were skeptical and doubted if it would do any good to undergo this kind of treatment, but we did decide to give it a try and we thank the Lord we did. Our daughter had immediate improvement and is now back to normal.  Thank you very much for helping our daughter.  Thank you for helping her body to heal and function rather than covering up her pain with useless drugs.  You and your wife have been helpful, caring and professional, and I am truly grateful to you both.  Thanks again!

–Mrs. O.