How Can Chiropractic Help During Cold and Flu Season?

chiro_fallFamilyfluIt’s getting to be that time of year again. The leaves are starting to change and the
temperature has dropped quite a bit. Gone are the days of shorts and T-shirts and the need is here
for warmer clothes, when the colder days now outnumber the warm days. It is a nice break from the
heat and humidity from the summer and most of us 3 months or so from now can’t wait till the heat
returns. This time of year, with the seasons changing, brings the time known as cold and flu season
and if you’ve already noticed, it’s already here. What are some things that will help with cold and flu

Did you know that Chiropractic strengthens your immune system? In fact, research has shown
that patients who have received Chiropractic care have an Immune System functioning at 200%
compared to people who did not receive Chiropractic Care and 400% compared to people with cancer
or other serious diseases. How does this work? In short, Chiropractors focus on the function of the
Nervous System and if it is functioning properly. The Immune system is controlled by the Nervous
System. If the Nervous system isn’t functioning at 100%, doesn’t it make sense that all other systems
controlled by the Nervous System wouldn’t be functioning at 100% either? If the Nervous system
can’t do one of its jobs, which is the master control of all the other systems in the body, it is putting
those other systems at risk and thus not working at 100% efficiency. The Nervous system and
Immune system work hand in hand with one another in order to appropriately adapt and change with
the many bacteria, viruses, etc. it encounters. When you have spinal misalignments it creates a
stress on the body and thus, the body can’t fight and the immune response is compromised.

The areas to focus on, especially during cold and flu season, are the Cervical and Thoracic
vertebra. Nerves that exit from the spinal cord directly innervate the lungs, amongst other organs in
this area, and if you’ve ever noticed that during a cold or flu, the muscles in the neck, upper back and
mid back are especially tight. By getting these areas adjusted from a Chiropractor, the nerve
information is allowed to flow more freely to these organs and also influences your body to produce
more white blood cells to fight the cold or flu virus. The autonomic nervous system (which controls
involuntary actions such as vessel dilation or constriction, glands, and smooth muscles to name a
few) is directly wired to the Lymph organs (Thymus, Spleen, lymph nodes and bone marrow). There
is growing evidence that the sympathetic division of the autonomic system is responsible for
immune function. So when subluxations (misalignments of the spine that compress and irritate the
nerve pathways to organs and organ systems) are present, it presents a great physical stress to the
body and to the organ systems thus weakening the Immune response to colds and flu’s. When left
subluxated or misaligned for a long time, the person’s immune system function can be severely
depleted. Imagine a highway that has all 5 lanes open for travel and one that only has 2 lanes out of
the 5 open for travel. Which highway is functioning at 100%? Which immune system is functioning
like it should be? Surely, not the highway with only 2 lanes out of the 5 lanes open.

This is also the time of year where if you are not getting enough Vitamin D, you are putting
yourself at risk of getting sick. It is important, especially since Maine is at a high Latitude, that as we
head into the Autumn and Winter seasons, that we get enough Vitamin D. Vitamin C is also very
important towards optimal health. It tends to be the number 1 thing people tend to do when sick is
to increase in doses of Vitamin C. If you are not eating enough citrus fruits, supplementing with
Vitamin C is a good idea to do throughout the year. Stress is very important to manage not only this
time of year but all year. Get your exercise and eat right. Do things that don’t make you think about
the deadline. Give your mind and brain some rest. If you’re muscles are overworked you rest them
so why not rest your mind. Although it is often overlooked, sleep is arguably the most important. If
you do not get enough rest your body will not perform how it is supposed to. When you are sick you
sleep a lot more than normal. Your body is resting and fighting the sickness. Get as much sleep as
you need as the average person needs 7-9 hours of sleep.

In short, it is important to get adjusted when you are not feeling well. Anytime we go
through a change of seasons the weather changes and the body has to adjust to these changes. If we
have already compromised our Immune system it’s no wonder more people get sick during the
Autumn and Winter times. It is important to remove these misalignments that put such a physical
stress on our Immune systems. A Chiropractor is the specialist when it comes to joint,
musculoskeletal and Nervous system issues and that just covers a small portion of what a
Chiropractor does. If you feel like we can help you, please make an appointment and good health to
you all during the colder months!

Dr. Benjamin J. Myerowitz D.C.
Office: 207-989-0000


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